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Hyperpigmentation is a common condition that makes some areas of the skin darker than others. This means there is more pigment in the skin in different areas, making it appear uneven or spotty. They can range in brown, black, gray, red, or pink spots or patches and can occur in one area or all over the body. These spots are also commonly called age, sun, or liver spots.

Symptoms of Hyperpigmentation

Other than dark spots, hyperpigmentation isn’t much more than a visible condition to the skin. It’s the damage of skin cells over time due to different reasons. These spots can have different colors and sizes, ranging from many to a few anywhere on your skin.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

When skin cells are damaged or unhealthy, they can produce too much melanin (the ability to give skin color) The melanin can clump, causing areas to appear darker. Different disorders, diseases or medications can also give you hyperpigmentation; You can also get it from:

  • Genetics: For example, family with freckles
  • Hormone changes, such as puberty or pregnancy
  • Injury to the skin (cuts or burns)
  • Vitamins, Not getting a sufficient amount of B12 and folic acid, specifically 
  • Sun damage / Light damage


Depending on the reasons for hyperpigmentation, you may be recommended a settle lifestyle change like:

  • Avoiding sun damage by staying out of sun, using sunscreen SPF 30+ (UVA + UVB)  all year round
  • Wearing protective clothing or hats
  • Taking vitamins
  • Don’t pick at skin spots
  • Have a skin routine

Your provider may look into any supplements or medications you are taking due to the hyperpigmentation.

Treating Hyperpigmentation

Certain treatments can help clear some dark spots and lessen others, but they take time and multiple sessions to see results. It’s important you remain patient with any skin care treatment you opt for when treating hyperpigmentation.

At Luminate Derm Spa, we offer a few treatments that can help combat hyperpigmentation:

  • Chemical peels- intended to reduce signs of hyperpigmentation, aging, and surface texture by exfoliating dead skin cells and revealing a new layer of skin below.
  • Lumecca IPL (Laser therapy)- Dark spots on your skin are selectively targeted with an intense delivery of light. This light penetrates deep into your skin’s tissue and gets rid of the damaged skin tissue and dead skin cells that are trapped below your skin. It can help to 5 years of skin damage caused by UV rays of the sun.

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Lumecca IPL

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