What is Procell Microchanneling? Unveiling Luminate Derm Spa’s Latest Treatment

What is Procell Microchanneling? Unveiling Luminate Derm Spa’s Latest Treatment

Luminate Derm Spa is excited to introduce a cutting-edge addition to our array of skin treatments: Procell Microchanneling!

This innovative procedure, blending advanced technology with proven skincare techniques, offers a rejuvenating experience for your skin. 

It’s designed to enhance the skin’s natural healing process, promoting collagen production and improving overall skin texture. As we welcome this new service, we’re eager to share how Procell Microchanneling can be the key to unlocking a fresher, more radiant you. 

Keep reading to discover more about this transformative skin therapy, now available at Luminate Derm Spa.

Understanding Procell Microchanneling Technology

At the heart of Procell Microchanneling is a unique technology designed to rejuvenate the skin in a gentle yet effective way. 

This process involves creating tiny, micro-sized channels in the top layer of the skin using a specialized device. A crucial element in this treatment is the application of Stem Cell serums. These serums, derived from elements that naturally occur in the human body, play a vital role in enhancing the skin’s natural healing process. 

As they penetrate deep into the skin through the microchannels, they significantly boost the production of collagen and elastin. This advanced combination of microchanneling with potent Stem Cell serums not only facilitates a more efficient absorption but also accelerates the rejuvenation process, leading to visibly healthier, firmer, and more youthful skin!

The result?

A revitalization process that starts from within, giving your skin the boost it needs to look its best. With Procell Microchanneling, it’s not just about surface-level beauty; it’s about fostering deeper, lasting skin health, enhanced by the regenerative power of Stem Cell serums.

Procell Microchanneling vs. Traditional Skin Treatments

Procell Microchanneling vs. Microneedling

When comparing Procell Microchanneling to traditional microneedling, it’s important to understand their similarities and differences. 

Both treatments involve creating micro-injuries to the skin to stimulate collagen production. However, Procell Microchanneling offers a more advanced approach. 

Unlike traditional microneedling, which may cause inflammation and micro-tears due to dragging across the skin, Procell Microchanneling offers a precise, no-drag technique. This precision accomplishes two things:

  1. Minimizes the risk of inflammation and micro-tears, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience
  2. More precise and consistent microchannels lead to a more controlled healing process and enhanced results. 

This answers a very common question, “Is Procell Microchanneling the same as microneedling?” 

While they share a foundational concept, Procell Microchanneling incorporates superior technology for superior outcomes.

Procell Microchanneling vs. Botox

Comparing Procell Microchanneling to Botox, a popular anti-aging treatment, highlights a different approach to skin rejuvenation. 

Botox primarily targets dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movements, temporarily paralyzing muscles to smooth out lines. 

In contrast, Procell Microchanneling focuses on enhancing the skin’s overall texture and health by promoting natural healing and collagen production. This makes it a more holistic treatment, suitable for a broader range of skin concerns beyond just wrinkles, including texture, tone, and overall skin health.

The Procedure

When you visit Luminate Derm Spa for a Procell Microchanneling session, you’re in for a treatment that’s as efficient as it is effective. 

Typically, a session lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. It begins with a thorough cleansing of your skin, followed by the application of a numbing cream to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. 

Once prepped, our skilled technician will use the Procell device to gently create microchannels across the treatment area. This part of the process is meticulous but not uncomfortable. After the microchanneling, a specialized serum is applied to the skin, seeping deeply through the newly created channels to maximize its rejuvenating effects. 

Post-treatment, you might notice some redness, similar to a mild sunburn, but this typically subsides within a few hours to a couple of days. The entire process is not just about addressing specific skin concerns; it’s an experience in holistic skincare wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Procedure

What are the Pros and Cons of Procell Microchanneling?

Procell Microchanneling stands out for its ability to significantly improve skin texture and reduce signs of aging, offering a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. 

The treatment is known for its efficacy in enhancing the overall health and appearance of the skin. However, like any skincare treatment, it may not be suitable for all skin types, and some individuals might experience temporary redness or sensitivity post-treatment.

How Effective is Procell Microchanneling? What are The Benefits?

Procell Microchanneling has shown remarkable effectiveness in skin rejuvenation. It works exceptionally well in enhancing collagen production, leading to a reduction in fine lines and an improvement in skin elasticity and texture. This treatment method is widely recognized for its ability to revitalize the skin, giving it a more youthful and radiant appearance.

How Much Does Procell Microchanneling Cost?

The cost of Procell Microchanneling can vary based on several factors such as the size of the treatment area and the location of the spa or clinic you go to.

At Luminate Derm Spa, each Procell Microchanneling session includes

  • a double cleanse and numbing of the face & neck,
  • followed by a hydrating and cooling sheet mask.
  • post-treatment, Celluma LED red light therapy that will accelerate the healing process.

Pricing for all of this starts at $275 for the face and neck, and clients also receive a 1-week supply of Procell’s Cellular Renewal Serum & Healing Accelerator Serum. We’ve also got package options available for enhanced savings! For more information, be sure to check out our microchanneling page!

How Long Do the Results of Procell Microchanneling Last?

The longevity of Procell Microchanneling results can differ from person to person, depending on individual skin types and the specific conditions being treated. 

Generally, the results are long-lasting, especially with proper post-treatment care and follow-up sessions as recommended by your skincare professional. Regular maintenance can extend the benefits and enhance the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Embrace the Future of Skin Rejuvenation with Procell Microchanneling

Procell Microchanneling represents a significant advancement in skincare, offering a multifaceted approach to rejuvenation. This treatment stands as a testament to Luminate Derm Spa’s commitment to providing innovative and effective skincare solutions. 

If you’re intrigued by the promise of Procell Microchanneling and wish to experience its transformative effects, Luminate Derm Spa is ready to guide you through this journey. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skin’s natural beauty, address specific skin concerns, or simply explore the latest in skincare innovation, our team is here to provide personalized care tailored to your unique needs.

For more information or to book a session, we invite you to contact us at Luminate Derm Spa. 

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